During the summer of 2009 while in the middle of a solo road trip, the most amazing thing happened. My point-and-shoot camera, an old toy that had quickly grown into my new obsession, bit the dust. As a traveler and storyteller at heart, I raced to the camera shop for a replacement. Several days later, I ended up with a Nikon D90. That turned out to be one of the best spontaneous purchases I have ever made. Since then, I have helped document abandoned trails, shoot weddings and portraits for friends, and spread the shutterbug addiction. Photography has opened my eyes to the world, and has given me a reason to get up and get involved. Whether this remains a hobby or becomes a profession, I couldn't have asked for a better learning tool for life than a camera.

So who is this nutcase behind the lens?

Well for starts, I was born and raised here in Washington and continue to call the Pacific Northwest my home. Currently, I am going to school for Visual Arts and Communication (graphic design, photography, illustration, etc), and pay the bills by working for a housekeeping company. On top of the arts, I am also passionate about nature, camping, bicycling, psychology, documentaries, festivals, electronic music, and traveling. I am a bit of an introvert, and a loner, but nothing makes me happier than spending time with a few close friends on a crazy adventure.